Winter Boots Sale!

While I am dreaming of warmer weather and trying to make my tropical trip dreams happen, I do need to face the facts: it is STILL winter. And will be for the next few months. Portland has certainly been reminding us of that this week – we got two feet of snow! Not a peculiar winter occurrence, I realize, but it is for Portland! One of the things my husband and I said in preparing for our move from Brooklyn, New York to Portland was, “no more snow!” No more trudging through dirty slush on the way to the subway, no more arctic temps that make your face hurt, and no more shoveling! But alas, this year has proven us wrong.

So, in trying to find the silver lining and express gratitude, I realized I can pick up some new winter boots! Last year, I snapped up the Nike Zoom Kynsi boots and am so so happy about it. Not only do they look super cute with skinny jeans and a cozy sweater, they’re waterproof! This feature alone has made them worth it – especially in Portland, where the city does not salt the sidewalks so the snow piles take a while to melt.



I rounded up my Nike Kynsi boots and other great options, some of which are on sale! And the ones not on sale are mostly under $150, yippee! Now is the BEST time to grab your winter gear – this price is right AND you’ll still get great use out of them this year and beyond!

What are your go-to winter boots?

xx Amy

Clockwise from top left:

Sorel Slimpack II  $145 || Nike Kynsi $220 $119.96 || Sorel Tofino II $170

Sperry Saltwater $120 || Sporto Degas $100 $69.95

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