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Happy 2017!! As I’m sure you’ve been reading everywhere lately, the new year is a chance to re-energize yourself and devote renewed fervor toward accomplishing your goals. While I absolutely believe this, I also can’t help feeling a bit overwhelmed and NOT energized.

2016 brought so many changes into my life that I am super grateful for. I got married, moved across the country, and got a new job. These are all wonderful new changes, yet I’m someone that struggles with adapting to change. It takes time for me to digest and adapt when my life is undergoing transformation – and I’m still in the process of digesting right now. Which is why I think the new year is intimidating me a little bit.

That said, I have committed to having a kind inner monologue with myself. As people and particularly as teachers, we are constantly thinking, planning, and acting in ways that show kindness and compassion toward the people around us. We work hard to develop our students into intrinsically motivated learners who have a growth mindset about themselves and their abilities. But I have to confess, I do not practice this for myself. I tell myself I’m not working hard enough, that I not doing enough, or that I am “just not good at ____.” So I’m going to try being a bit more forgiving and kind to myself this year; both in how I speak to myself through my inner dialogue and how I speak about myself to others. This feels like a tiny but impactful step I can take each day that will have awesome long-term benefits. We all know it takes 21 days to develop a habit, so I’m excited to get this habit going!

The first step is being grateful for what I have. So, I’ve taken one of my fave pieces – a classic trench coat – and styled in a few different ways. It’s a great versatile pieces so why not show it off? My kind inner monologue is telling me, “it’s MORE than OK to repeat outfits.” Baby steps, right?

What small but concrete action are you taking on this year?

Cheers, Amy


Trenches lend a classic hand to edgy, leather pieces. Pairing them with the soft blue sweater and bold jewelry help add sophisticated style using bold accents. Finishing the look with a velvet heel creates the right balance of textures. Most of the items I’m wearing have sold out, but I found GREAT alternatives (mostly on sale!!) linked below.

Trenchcoat || Similar Sweater || Similar Skirt || Similar Heels

For a more casual take on the trench, I’ve paired it with my FAVE slim boyjean from Madewell and my Cole Haan “Alanna” suede round toe heels. These heels are the MOST comfortable heels I’ve ever own and go with so much. Then, I switched it up and threw on, as I like to call them, my “Bob Dylan” suede booties. The heels are great for a weekday dinner date and the booties are perfect for Saturday strolling.

Trenchcoat || Similar Sweater || Denim || Heels || Similar Booties


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4 thoughts on “Versatile Style

  1. You are so right about the power (and sanity) that a kind inner monologue brings! And I really like how you styled that trench coat. I think the leather skirt is my favorite element in all your looks.

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