Sunday Scaries No More!

Sunday and I have had a back and forth relationship. On the one hand, it’s still part of the weekend and should be treated as such. On the other hand, Sunday is the signal that  we’re approaching Monday and getting back to work! Over the years though, I’ve been able to utilize Sunday to prepare for the classroom AND restore my energy.

Now, I look at Sundays like the great opportunity they are to set yourself up for success for the week ahead. When I plan on Sundays, I inevitable have a much smoother, successful week in the classroom as compared to when I do not plan. Like any teacher, I love to organize and plan so my units are written and planned ahead of time for all subjects except Guided Reading. My Guided Reading plans are not written ahead of time so that I can be really responsive to my students’ individual needs and current progress.

My instructional units have group and individual student reading goals but the lesson plans themselves are written the weekend prior to teaching. Also, like most teachers I am constantly looking for ways to cut down on the amount of paper I need. My lesson plans are kept on my clipboard for the week so less paper the better! My go-to Guided Reading lesson plan template outlines the daily lessons for the entire week so I can keep one set of papers on my clipboard AND be able to look across the week (big picture goals help ground me!).

Try out my weekly Guided Reading lesson plan template and let me know how it works for you! Now, go use Sunday to set yourself up for a productive week!




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