Let’s Talk Data

Data drives the world we live in – from online platform algorithms to our classrooms, data is there. As teachers, we are told so often how we need to collect data, assess with data, use data to drive instruction but just as often, are not given the tools to do so successfully.

One of the most rewarding aspects to my first teaching experience was the incredible instructional coaching and professional development I received at my school. I was observed weekly by my coach, given feedback, and tools to analyze and use data successfully to drive my instruction. This had the most important effect – to ensure my students were learning and growing!

If you are being told you need to use data but need help in getting started, use my data analysis template (direct link) to get started! Download the template at my TeachersPayTeachers store; enter “When We Teach” into the search field to find my store ! This template provides the steps for examine grade and class-wide data, individual student data, and a three-week instructional plan template to ensure data is informing your next few weeks in the classroom. Use it for any grade level and any content area.

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