Bright Prints to Inspire Action

Why is it that we mourn summer ending and fall beginning when fall provides the most beautiful backdrops? Well, I know, I know – the falling temps and early darkness are definite bummers for summer lovers but that doesn’t mean joyful, productive attitudes have to disappear too!

My goal for this fall (and approaching winter, ahh!) is to keep up the positive, fresh vibes that warmer weather seems to bring, even as it gets chillier and darker. One of the reasons I was so excited to move to Portland was the weather. It sounds strange because we all know how much rain the PNW gets, but NYC winters were SO cold that it just forced everyone inside. It took so much motivation get up and go run in single digit temps, go for a walk when the wind chill was below zero, or deal with soggy, crowded sidewalks. So when my husband and I came to Portland, we knew about the rain but were so pumped to have a temperate winter! So, I’m pushing myself (and you!) to get out there and do not let the colder temps, rain, or darker evenings stop you from getting in that run, yoga class, new shop you’ve been wanting to check out, or whatever else it is that brings you joy.

One way I’ve been trying to do this is to bring brightness and color to my wardrobe. I’ve talked about how much black, white, and gray I wear (and still do!) however, I’m actively trying to be the change I want. By wearing bold, bright colors on the outside, it will help me to continue being as joyfully productive now as I was this past summer. I picked up this Yumi Kim top at the last Anthropologie sale (Anthro just opened a HUGE store in PDX with three levels + a BHLDN studio) and it is probably the brightest thing I own right now. By pairing it with my beloved plum J.Crew coat and Zara suede booties, I was able to be bright and still be myself. I LIVE in these booties.

So, fellow fashionistas, activists, pursuers, dreamers, and doers – what are YOU committing to do this fall/winter to push through so you can accomplish your big, hairy, audacious goals? Let a comment and help inspire us all!





top || jacket || boots || horseshoe necklace || bar necklace

Cheers, Amy

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