When We Teach

When We Teach was created in 2015 upon seeing how quickly the educational landscape was changing is grades K-6. Academic demands on students are both growing and shifting to reflect the world’s growing call for individuals who can successfully navigate and contribute to the knowledge economy. However, within the confines of a school building, students can sometimes be moved too quickly or too slowly through material that does match their individual needs. I believe the educator’s role is to quickly identify a student’s needs, then flex instruction and content to provide students the tools they need to make successful progress.

I have committed my career to working in education. Over the past seven years I have developed the instructional skills and diagnostic expertise to provide targeted, academic support for any elementary student. As a former classroom teacher and current curriculum designer, I have firsthand knowledge of elementary curriculum content & knowledge demands, intervention strategies, and how to engage individual students in achieving their goals.

Here, you’ll find high-quality, rigorous tips, resources, and curriculum for your child, classroom, or school. Along the way, I’ll also be sharing my personal flair for style, fitness, and life!

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educator, overachiever, style, music & coffee lover

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